Saturday, 26 December 2015


Now my personal website is up!

its not much yet, need lot of work to do, but you already can visit it
for now on all my post will be on the new site

To the new Website

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Post Mortem : Yggshroom (LD34 Compo Entry)

so, first time make a post mortem, as my understanding post mortem consist of what i learn and what can i improve, so lets get to it, writing this at 2:45AM!

first thing first, sorry for any grammar mistake :)

Yggshroom is my second LD jam entry, and automatically my second compo entry, if i look back, theres quite lot of improvement that i made from back then, especially on graphical/aesthetical side, and also i learn a lot from my mistake and comment from the game page

i made this game in about 30-ish hours with all the asset, and the longest time i take is for searching the Game Idea, even thought it looks simple and very silly, believe me, i waste lot of time to think about that :))

What i like from the final result :

  1. I like how at the end it well put together, i honesly at first didn’t think that the obstacle, the generator and stuff will work, but in the end they almost complemented each other, adding additional difficulty yet not feeling too gimmicky/artificial
  2. The visual, even tho some of the sprite kinda rough and not fit the majority sprite very well (especially the mushroom) its mostly my mistake to resizing the sprite without consideration and to draw some sprite in 32×32 canvas and most of them in 16×16.
  3. In the end the game end up like i want it to be, it fit what i imagine/planning in my head, and that makes me quite happy

What i dislike from the final result :

  1. I still use music generator, i know its probably not a bad thing, even LD themself encourage to use them, but still, some music just didnt fit very well, its so “bad” that i need to turn the volume very low on the main game, i hope for next LD i can write my own music
  2. I chose the wrong font, not a mjor mistake either, but really bugging, WTH am i thinking when chosing that font in the first place?, my game using pixel art style, why i chose smooth font? *sigh*
  3. so, the real idea i chose that font is because i want to show/point up the Norse theme, because…well, Yggshroom itself i taken from Yggdrasil Tree which is from norse mythology, so….yeah
  4. The game too short, yup, this one of my problem too, at first i thought that my game got a reasonable lenght for a compo entry, BUT after played some game, i just realize that my game very short and lack of variation, i need to do better next time
  5. lack of variation, theres quite of people complaining about this, and i whole heartedly agree with them.


What i learn from LD34?

well in the end, i was under-prepared, and my game not polish really well, i was too short thinking about the whole idea and slip up the game variation design, and i’m too “overproud” of my work that i’m not using remaining hours to polish the game up.


Theres lot of room i need to explore,learn and re-learn, and hopefully i can “grow up” and make a better game at LD 35 on April (i think…CMIIW 😀 )

so, this is the end of my post-mortem jam, i don’t know if i even do this correctly lol

heres link to my LD34 entry if anyone want to try it : Yggshroom

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Portfolio : Yggshroom

This is my game submission for LD43.

You can read the tutorial in the game main menu.

Inspired by one of the "forbidden" game on Atari (if you watch AVGN or other oldschool gamer on youtube, you probably already knew which one that i meant ).

Game backstory (made this just for fun, sorry for any grammar mistake, and don't take it seriously ) :

John is Professor from one of the most famous Uni, about a month ago, he and his colleague found a mysterious fossil/seed in an iceberg, after long research, he found out that the seed actually bunch of ancient huge mushroom spores, he called it Yggshroom, the name derived from Yggdrasil tree from norse mythology.

After some thought, he want to revive it, but this mushroom is not like ordinary mushroom, it needs bunch of water constantly and for some odd reason it also need electricity as catalyst.

He prepare the most advance generator he can get, this generator convert and run H2O into energy, and its special metal allow it to self healing as long as it still active and got a steady amount of water.

play the game here :

Friday, 13 November 2015

Portfolio : Go-Jack!

This is our recent game that released about 4 days ago, named "Go-Jack"

Its an "unlimited run" genre game, very easy to play, theres tutorial in the game to teach you the basic control

in this game you played as Jack, hes an Ojek Driver (Ojek : alternative mass transport in form of motorcycle), you need to grab passenger (mark by green circle below it), and take he/she to the drop off point (mark by red circle),

Everytime you successfully drop off the passenger you'll get some money/coins, you can use the coins to buy (or the correct term in this game is "hit") gas to allow you play longer, or you can collect all those coins and not spend it for gas, for achieve more final score, because the final score will be Coins * Distance,

With this system we hope that the user can learn or at least know the basic concept of Resource Management, either you spend the Coins for gas which equal longer gameplay and bigger chance to collect more coins, OR you not spend the Coins but probably will achieve high score much faster
its all depend on you as the player

you can download the game here :

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Real Personal Website

My own portfolio website now in progress, because of all these hobbies (reading, gaming, and my new hobby with arduino), its got really slow progress, but slowly getting there

for the moment, please bear with me, and still use this blog as a my portfiolio site

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Portfolio : Pixel Pinang

A game that we develop for Indonesia 70th anniversary

How to play :
Simply tap either right or left hand button to climb, and then swipe to switch side, avoid all stuff that fall off

you can download it here :

Monday, 27 July 2015

Portfolio : Burn Me

Burn Me is a Mathematical puzzle game that released months ago, develop about in couple days for company that i worked on now

How to Play : guess what is the next numbers based on the previous numbers

Download it here:
Android :
App Store :